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I am Roberta Darie. An Art historian with a background in Tourism, passionate about coffee, writing, and the dream of creating my responsible travel project:

If you represent a tourism company or a cultural institution and would like to work with me, I would be delighted to hear about your proposal. In this case, you can contact me by filling out the form below or emailing me an e-mail at

    If you are an entrepreneur (or blogger) with a project dedicated to the same field as mine (or to a theme you consider complementary) and would like to collaborate, detail your proposal in the form or e-mail me at the address previously stated.

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    If you are thinking about visiting Spain and are looking for travel advice, you might find helpful the Travel tips page I’ve created explicitly for this purpose.

    Nonetheless, if you still need help planning your trip or just have questions about my posts, this site, or culture & sustainability considerations, feel free to fill in the form or send an email.

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